Saturday, September 24, 2011

Hatred loses

Park51 community center opens to the public with an exhibition of photographs of New York City children -- 160 NYC children, each child born in a different country on the planet. You might better know the Park51 Community Center as the "Ground Zero Mosque", though it's not a mosque -- but that hasn't stopped the right-wing haters from hating on it.

In other news, the sun came up this morning as usual, and no terrorists were spotted looking at the exhibition of children's pictures.

- Badtux the Take-that-haters Penguin


  1. If you want to love everyone go ahead, let me know how that has worked out for you in ten years.

  2. I was hoping that some heads would have exploded on Pammary Geller and the other haters. It could still happen, if only they'd put a bullet in their brains. Trouble is, those brains are so tiny and hard, the ammo would probably miss or bounce off.

    If you want to hate everyone, go ahead. We'll find out how that has worked out for you in 10 years when your skeleton is found where you died alone in your trailer home and the maggots ate your body during the months when nobody noticed you were deceased.


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