Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Reminiscing about Rudeness

When the Rude Pundit "came out" under his real name, I thought... "wait a minute! Don't I know him?" Well... sort of. He and my brother went to high school together as well as some college and were friends. The Rude One was into community theater with several of my brother's other friends (note that my brother had a number of gay friends in high school for some unknown reason, since my brother is decidedly *not* gay, his wife's howls of pleasure through the bedroom walls as he does his thing with her is proof enough of that I mean they sound like a porno in there when they're going at it, and luckily my brother doesn't know this blog exists so he can't kill me next time he sees me ;), and they hung out a lot in some places where I hung out too again for reasons I don't quite understand. Then one day he was gone -- gone to Houston with a gay hairdresser. He came back eventually, but that was around the time I moved away so I didn't see him after that.

So what was the Rude One like in high school? Well, he was fat. He was funny as hell. Pretty much all of us were pretty much sure at the time that he was gay, at least, he hung out with all the gay kids who were into drama and shit like that. Nobody really gave a shit 'cause he was funny as hell. And yeah, he was just as rude back then as he is today :).

So now The Rude One is a real drama queen, a drama professor in New Yawk City. Quite a long way from the bayous of Louisiana, that!

- Badtux the Reminiscing Penguin


  1. No shit?
    You continue to amaze me dude.

    Amaze me.

  2. Remember, this was back in the time when you simply didn't come out as gay in high school because that opened you up to a level of harassment and abuse (with full support of school administration for said abuse) as to make it impossible to attend school, so the fact that we had a sizable gay community in a suburban Louisiana high school that everybody knew was gay even though the official doctrine was that gay didn't exist and none of these kids proclaimed that they were gay was... interesting. The notion that gayness happens because the "gay community" is "recruiting" kids to be gay simply doesn't pass the laugh and giggle test, there was nobody openly gay at that high school. Once they graduated, however...

    - Badtux the Reminiscing Penguin

  3. believe me, I remember.
    Just FYI, when I lived in Son Hose A, I lived in a small apartment complex that had like ten apartments in it on a dead end street called "Race Street".
    I SO wanted to steal that sign.
    Anyways, out of the ten apartments , a total of three had "straight" folks in them.

    The rest were either gay, transgendered or pre surgery with hormone injections.

    We used to party like there was no tomorrow together.
    I could give a rats ass what your sexual preferences are.
    Hell, when I got married last month, my stunningly beautiful twenty year old daughter called me to ask if it was OK to bring a date.

    No problem I says,
    She says it is a girl.

    I told her, again, that I don't care as long as she is happy.
    I absolutely adore my little girl and I am the only Dad she can remember.
    As long as she is happy I am golden.

    The first sonofabitch that messes with her is going to regret the day they took their first breath.

    Intolerant mother fuckers just prove to me again and again that they have absolutely no empathy or compassion for anyone that is not exactly like them and they can all lick the tar balls out of my ass.


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