Saturday, September 10, 2011

So much for my diet

Just got back from Costco and dropped the usual $200 on stuff. Going through the food aisles, I ran across the following:

  1. A large container of "stuffed grape leaves" (dolmas)
  2. A tall bin of pre-cooked falafel balls
  3. A large package of pork tamales
That in addition to the other stuff (towels, noodles, and so forth). You'd think I was a stoner or somethin', sigh!

Personally, I blame Gordon. At least for the tamales part :).

-- Badtux the Stuffed Penguin


  1. I am surprised you don't roll your own dolma. It is simple and easy. I worked in a restaurant many years ago where the staff would roll the dolma during the doldrums. I haven't touched them since then.

  2. a) I'd need a source of grape leaves. My neighborhood grocer doesn't have'em.

    b) I'd need to concoct the filling, which is the whole point of the thing.

    c) I don't want to anyhow, because these things are soaked in olive oil and aren't particularly good for you. Not particularly bad for you either, but that's a different story.

    d) They were just there, right by the tamales. So I bought them. Impulse buys suck, sigh!

  3. Picking up on that Gordon post, Portland, Ore. is renowned for its number and diversity of "roach coaches" (not just tamaleros and taco trucks.) It's part of its foodie claim to fame. Always willing to ape a trendy thing, Vancouver (this one, not the pipsqueak place across the river from Portland) has also lowered the bureaucratic hurdles to street food vendors. It's not New York City (home to the best falafels I've eaten outside the Old City in Jerusalem) but it's better than it usedta be.


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