Friday, September 02, 2011

Friends in high places

I got friends in high places. Of course, sitting on the fireplace mantle, I'm a bit high off the ground too...

-- Badtux the Cat-owned Penguin


  1. I also have friends in low places.

  2. I should open a kitty amusement park. Laser pointer rooms and Whack-a-Mouse and 35-foot-high scratching posts and empty baskets and boxes, tubes and tunnels...

    If only cats had money...

  3. Everybody's got friends in low places, BBC. Except for rich people. They don't have friends in low places, they have servants.

    Nans, what's amazing is that this cat is *fat*. Every time I catch him on top of the bookcase, or on top of the refrigerator, or whatever, I'm like "WTF? How can that much blubber jump so high?!" If only I could jump that high, sigh!

    - Badtux the Waddling Penguin

  4. Ummm, BadTux, that isn't a (gasp) BONG to your left, is it???

    And cats don't have blubber, they have cleverly disguised jumping-onto-tall-things muscles.

    Our cat climbs an extension ladder to the roof over the living room then demands to come in through the bathroom window (Hmm, an idea for your next music video, not that I've ever seen the Beatles here...)

  5. No, no, the cat isn't *that* kinda high! Just a flower vase.

    And that cat has blubber. He's all squishy soft furry cuddly when you cuddle his giant fat carcass. But clearly, as you say, he has some cleverly disguised jump-high-muscle hidden amongst the blubber :).

    - Badtux the High Cat Owned Penguin


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