Monday, January 03, 2011

World Nut Daily praises white extremists

The usual, the usual. In this case, Kinston, NC kept electing black Democrats to office. In retaliation, Barbour Haley's beloved Citizens Council (relabeled of course for the new millennium) got passed a new ballot initiative outlawing putting party affiliation onto the ballot, so that voters would have trouble seeing who was the black Democrats just by looking at party affiliation, thus hopefully depriving the black candidates of a few votes and getting more whites elected. The Justice Department sued, and a judge agreed that the ballot initiative is illegal -- because the entire intent of the law was to get more whites elected, it's illegal under the Civil Rights Act of 1965.

World Nut Daily's writer is incensed, incensed I say, at this untoward interference in local affairs! Why, if the whites of a town want to insure that their own get elected via hook or by crook (mostly by crook in this case -- as in, crooked), it's their own affair, and the Feds should not get involved!

Remember, whenever you see a Republican talk about "state's rights" or "local autonomy", what they mean is a state's right to discriminate against people of color (and other minorities). It's just short-hand for bigotry and hate. That's all.

-- Badtux the Helpful Penguin


  1. We fear for Penguin electability!

  2. I'm glad you read that crap so I don't have to. My mom spent some time in the south in the 60's. She described an alien world to me.

  3. Mandt, penguin electability isn't possible, for specist reasons -- for some reason, folks insist on their politicians at least appearing human even if they are snakes in disguise :).

    Nunya: Your mom ain't jokin'.


  4. Um, question. I have a video embedded that is on autostart and it's driving me nuts.

    Here is the offending code, I think.

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    so do I just delete -- &autostart -- or =true also to shut the fucking thing up? I would like to keep the video up, but I can't stand it yapping at me every time I click on my blog. I actually read the blogs linked on my page, so I click on it a lot.

  5. It's this one, and my buddy is part of the segment, so I would like to keep it up. I just want it to shut up.

  6. Ha! never mind, I think I got it. :)

  7. When have penguins not appeared to be "human like"? Of all the swimming avians, they are the most bipedal and humanish =)

    Compared to the despicable Newts they've elected, I would think many humans would wholeheartedly endorse an insightful penguin.

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