Friday, January 28, 2011

Die quickly

Ezra Klein asks, "What is going to be done about the plight of those permanently unemployed because they're too young to retire but nobody will hire them because they're too old?".

Well, the Republicans have a plan for that too. Too young to retire but too old to work? It's the same basic plan as their retirement plan for the poor once Social Security is dismantled, as their health care plan for the bottom 98% of the population once health care reform and Medicaid are dismantled, and so forth. Don't get unemployed, and if you do, die quickly. Duh.

Not that Preznit Hopey Changey has any other plan, other than, well, hopey for changey. Or as Vice Preznit Pie-hole put it, "hang in there". Uhm, yeah. Hope is not a plan. Just sayin'.

So we have one party that's incompetently evil, and another party that's evilly incompetent. Sigh. WASF.

- Badtux the Snarkily Disgusted Penguin


  1. More wisdom from Biden:

    "One of the ways to impact, as strange as it sounds, on the federal debt, on economic growth, on the cost of maintaining health care in America is: Don't smoke, eat healthy, do not consume junk foods," he said.

    And don't fondle your pecker.

    "Things are coming back," Biden said, after noting that the unemployment rate is now dropping "minimally," businesses are investing, banks are lending, and companies are gaining confidence.

    He's just making shit up now. Investing? Lending? Evidence?

  2. The Vice-Prezdential dude does not have a clue as to just how out-of-touch he sounds. It's as if he's saying "If the peasants have no bread, why don't they eat cake?" Not in an imperious way, mind you -- just as someone so out of touch that he doesn't realize that someone without bread is unlikely to have cake either.

    -- Badtux the WASF Penguin

  3. In the future, Social Security will be like a reward. If you somehow manage to survive from when you got fired from your good-paying at age 50 until you hit the "retirement" age of 70, you win the equivalent of a late-Soviet pension.

    Oh, who am I kidding? "Good-paying jobs" won't exist in the future. You're on your own, folks.

    Tux, when I read chit like that (the Repukes' ideas, not your post) I am gladder than ever that I have "mattress money" of that barbarous golden relic where I can physically lay my hands on it (after some suitable digging.) It might not be money in your estimation, and it does nothing to further the capital of society, but it's something the fascists can't take away from me. I'll take my chances on the risks of heavy metal over paper promises. And if my bet turns out wrong, and I too have to die quickly, at least I've had the satisfaction of having lived one hell of an interesting life.


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