Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Blood libel

False accusations that Jews engage in the ritual murder of Christian children and use the blood of said child in their ritual matzoh date all the way back to 1144. These false accusations -- the "blood libel" -- has been used ever since then to justify campaigns of exterminations against Jews. The most recent genocidal workout the "blood libel" got was when Adolph Hitler used it to justify his campaign of extermination against Jews.

The most important thing about this "blood libel" is that there is no blood. That is, there are no dead Christian children. No secret rituals. No blood baked into matzoh. No nothing. The Jewish faith forbids the consumption of blood under any circumstances, ritual or not. Thus millions of Jews have lost their lives over the years due to an accusation that they took the lives of children, when no such thing ever happened.

So when Sarah Palin comes out and says that people who accuse her of cheering on violent extremism are committing "blood libel", I gotta wonder what the fuck she's talking about. I mean, look:

See the girl in the picture above? Her name is -- was -- Christina-Taylor Green. She was nine years old. She was born on September 11, 2001. She was the granddaughter of a baseball legend and was the only girl on her Little League team, playing second base. She was a good Catholic girl in Tucson, Arizona, who recently had her First Communion at St. Odilia Catholic Church. And she is DEAD. D-E-A-D. Her blood ran out of her little body onto the sidewalk of a shopping center in Tucson, forever stopping her little heart. Her weeping mother is going to spend the rest of her life staring at that picture wondering, "what would Christina-Taylor have become if she hadn't been murdered?"

It cannot be a "blood libel" if there really *IS* a dead child, if there really *IS* blood. Just sayin'. Not to mention that the main target of this vicious act of terrorism, Rep. Gabrielle Giffords, is, err... Jewish. As are most of the victims of the "blood libel."

So color me confused. Unless Sarah Palin has suddenly converted to Judaism and been falsely accused of baking the blood of Christian children into her matzohs, all she managed to do was demean the murder of a young child by calling it a "libel". What, she doesn't believe that Christina-Taylor Green is dead? She thinks the media merely made up the blood on the pavement in Tucson? What, if anything, is going through the empty vacuum that is Caribou Barbie's "mind" anyhow?! That blood was *real*. Not a libel. And the only victims of this senseless act of terrorism are lying in hospital beds in Tucson, or in coffins -- not in Wasilla Alaska, meth capital of the world.

-- Badtux the Sickened Penguin


  1. Palin, besides being a sociopath, is not particularly bright, and abysmally ignorant. I just happened to see Chris Mathews tell Lawrence O'Donnell, (quoting somebody else) "She doesn't know anything."

    It's true. She doesn't know anything about anything.

    God, we're fucked,

  2. And the its not parade of comments continues to swell, the video of cretin Palin, the filth at Bretibart..and this little girl is dead, a federal judge and a bunch of local Dems in Arizona...
    Telling your minions to water the tree of liberty, well you can bet your bottom dollar that Thomas Jefferson did not mean INNOCENT children
    The RAGE they spew because some Dems and Progressives DARE to SHOUT Fire in a FIRE leaves me shaking ...
    The righties are always in a RAGE, in an election, win loose or draw they are always screaming mad...
    when will their hate consume them??

  3. Narcissistic sociopath is right. She can't stand that some dead kid is getting all the attention. I thought I was beyond being surprised by that little arctic cockroach.

  4. It sounded cool, so she said it. Had no idea where it came from. Morons do stuff like that all the time. It's not unexpected. What SHOULD be unexpected is that her moronic comments get amplified by media publicity, even, in some small way, this Tuxpost. If Palin is recorded belching, farting or making babbling nonsense-noises, will there be endless meeja discussion of how this affects American politics and the million morons who idolize her?

  5. Juan Cole, who I believe you read, has analyzed for a motive.

    Key grafs:

    Palin took the long-standing American right wing populist use of the Israelis as a symbol of white biblical riposte to the siege of pagan brown peoples a step further on Wednesday. She actually identified her followers as themselves a sort of tribe of Israel, and thus open to the same kind of persecution that the children of Israel have long suffered from. This extreme identification with the themes of the Likud and Shas Parties in Israel is an extension of the long-standing tradition of Christian Zionism. Whether Palin’s diction goes beyond that movement to suggest a strain of British Israelism is unclear.

    The parallels to the right wing in Israel are exact. Just as its leaders complain that restraints on Israeli freedom of action in killing civilians during wars, or pressure on Israel to accept peaceful co-existence with the Palestinians, are a ‘blood libel,’ so any criticism of Palin for deploying a rhetoric of violence and warfare in civilian politics is likewise a blood libel.

    The bully, afflicted by an inferiority complex, sees all opposition as unfair persecution.

    Personally, I say he's over-intellectualizing it. She's just a farking maroon, and so is whatever maroonish speechwriter who inserted that phrase on her Teleprompter.

  6. On the one hand, I agree that Sarah Palin has been singled out for especial criticism. Her "targeting" GIF, for example, was just that -- it may have winked towards the notion that Democrats should be assassinated, but it didn't come out and give a full-fledged Liberal Hunting Permit exulting in violence against liberals and Democrats the way that Glenn Beck, Ann Coulter, Rush Limbaugh, and others of that ilk regularly do.

    On the other hand, this "blood libel" nonsense is just plain nasty. Sorry.

    - Badtux the blood-is-real-not-libel Penguin

  7. this "blood libel" nonsense is just plain nasty

    Hear hear. To say this is like saying (I stole this from the Guardian CiF) "Work was so hard today, it was like the Armenian genocide."

    Totally inappropriate & infantile at best & simply racist at worst. I'm going with worst.

    And nice to see Alan Dershowitz defend her.

    But as I said previously, what bothers me most is the sociopathic narcissism of trying to take center stage when dead people aren't even in the ground (or ashes, or whatever) yet. That takes some balls. And not the good kind.

  8. I wish somebody would send this imbecilic bimbo the definition you wrote. Not at all certain she would understand why she is so wrong....but still, wish someone would rub her nose in some FACTUAL material for a change.

  9. What, if anything, is going through the empty vacuum that is Caribou Barbie's "mind" anyhow?!

    Air. Goes in, gets heated up and goes right back out. Cool air in, hot air out. Rinse, Repeat.


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