Thursday, January 13, 2011

Quit picking on her!

Quit picking on Britney Palin!

Well, no. It's just so much fun to pick on that vacuous bimbo (of whom one female banker says, "she's set back feminism by fifty years"). Palin's rhetoric is stupid and, intentionally or not, things like her now-famous "crosshairs" targeting liberals for defeat in the November elections hints at the violent rhetoric coming from the real eliminationist right, people like Ann Coulter, Rush Limbaugh, and Glenn Beck who have suggested exterminating liberals (then claimed "it was a joke!" when called on it), but as far as I know she hasn't herself issued one of these:

So while I think Palin deserves the condemnation she is getting for the "blood libel" nonsense, I think she does have a point that she's being unfairly targeted in general as a source of the violent rhetoric that flourishes in the right wing. She's not the one who fantasized about a terrorist attack on San Francisco. That was Rush Limbaugh. She's not the one who said a suicide truck bomb targetting the New York Times would be a good idea. That was Ann Coulter. She's not the one who said the murder of Nancy Pelosi and Michael Moore would be a good thing. That was Glenn Beck. Palin is an idiot, and intentionally or not, her rhetoric certainly hints that she holds eliminationist views. But heaping special anger at Palin ignores the role of the real sources of these views -- which, as the embattled Sheriff Dupnik of Tucson AZ points out, emits especially from conservative "commentators" like Ann Coulter and the hosts of hate radio and Faux News. *NOT* from Sarah Palin, who may wink at such rhetoric, but not to the extent of issuing a liberal hunting permit like Ann Coulter regularly does.

-- Badtux the Eliminationists-r-GOP Penguin


  1. It's all connected, but politicians don't don't want to take any responsibility for their part in it all.

    "she's set back feminism by fifty years"

    I don't think that's a bad thing, the women's movement was about them getting to vote and I have no problem with that. But they went overboard and decided that they were goddesses, or something.

    They damn sure don't make good partners anymore.

  2. They are stochastic terrorists.

    True, it's not specifically and exclusively Palin. But she is a big part of the problem, with her words and her images. It's all of a piece. The deluge of words and images is non-stop, and comes from a many-headed hydra.

    That hunting permit really says it all.


  3. Someone should rework that video so it DOES say "Leave Sarah alone!" with fake weeping and references to things in Palin's life. That would be hella funny, and it might become an Internet meme the same way the first one did. Do it, Tux! Put on a wig or something, so you wouldn't be attacked in the street if it went viral.

  4. I hope this works for you.


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