Friday, January 07, 2011

Hiking food

When you're off on a day hike, you can strap on a daypack and get your back all sweaty. Or you can strap on a fanny pack with water bottle holder, shove your lunch in your jacket pocket, and head on out.

Here is a typical dayhiking lunch when I'm doing this:

-- Badtux the Cheesy Penguin


  1. Hum, it's never occurred to me to take anything to eat on day hikes, but I only eat once a day anyway.

  2. Hiking sounds like such fun. It's so cold, here, right now, while I'm thinking about it, that I'm not going to go out and walk in the woods. There are a lot of nice places to walk, around here. I'll have to remember to take some food along, and hike longer.


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