Monday, January 10, 2011

My genius cat

Some of you may recall that The Mighty Fang is not the brightest of kittehs. As in, he's fat, lazy, stupid... and soft and cuddly and furry and purry and loving, which excuses all of that. Still, watching the exploits of the mighty Maru, I sigh at the thought that I'll never make any videos of my kittehs doing genius things like Maru does.

Some of you may also recall that I bought a fancy automatic cat feeder to take the human (me) out of the amount of food that the kittehs get. This worked out pretty well at first. The fat furballs would beg and beg and beg me for food, but the automatic cat feeder has no "give the cat an extra meal" button on it, so I'd throw up my hands and say "sorry, dude, I can't do that" and they'd just have to pester me until the thing dropped its meal into the bin and they ran upon hearing the sound of kibble hitting the bin.

So I have Mencken on my lap and he's purring, and suddenly I hear the sound of kibble hitting the bin... an hour before there's supposed to be any kibble! So I head over to the machine and... uhm... The Mighty Fang has FIGURED OUT A WAY TO MAKE THE MACHINE GIVE OUT KIBBLE! He sticks his paw *way* into the guts of the thing, and tweaks something or another that makes a couple of chunks of kibble dribble out, he eats those couple of chunks, and then sticks his paw up there *again* and does it again.

Shoulda figured that the one bit of brilliance that The Mighty Fang would ever show would have something to do with getting food.... heh!

-- Badtux the Genius-cat-owned Penguin


  1. Does Maru's human follow him around 24/7 with a video camera?

    I'm suffering from an overdose of cute.

  2. Oh, that's funny! Extra points to TMF for having you fooled into thinking he's "not the brightest of kittehs"!

  3. And just a minute ago TMF was digging around inside the machine for kibble and... morning feeding time, it dropped its kibble! Silly kitteh musta jumped three feet both vertical and horizontally over this assault by kibble :). Maybe that'll break him of his thievery. Oh what am I saying, there's nothing TMF loves more than kibble, he'll go right back to digging for gold... err... kibble... as soon as he's cleaned up the quarter-cup of kibble that the machine just dropped.

    -- Badtux the Amused Penguin

  4. Create a computer-controlled kibble delivery device to see if he has 'Leet haxxor skilz.'

    Extra points if he whispers, "I'm in!"

  5. Thank you for not taking your own video. I, too, am on cutitude life support.

    TMF will find a way to work the kibblenator from his mouse pad.


  6. That is funny. Thank you for the laugh.

  7. One of my ex girl friends had one of those gizmos and used to get totally pissed off at me when I would walk by with a fresh beer in my hand and hit the "Feed Me Now" button..
    The cat loved me.

  8. Silly kitteh musta jumped three feet both vertical and horizontally over this assault by kibble

    Don't you just love it when kittehs break all known laws of physics? LOL

  9. Random, poor TMF was convinced that the machine had attacked him with kibble, not only did he jump up and back, he also puffed up to bigger than his already-big size! . Didn't stop him from rushing back to the machine to eat the kibble it had just dropped into the food bowl!

    Nangleator, this *is* a computer-controlled cat feeder. I think that's why, unlike Bustednuck's girlfriend's cat feeder, it has no "feed cat now" button -- cats figured out how to press that button to get more food. It takes practically an engineering degree to program this thing, and thus far TMF hasn't acquired one of those. But apparently he has figured out how to use his paw deep inside the mechanism to move one of the flaps that control dropping kibble, something which is possible because the flaps are deliberately a flexible plastic so that kittehs who stick their paws up into the mechanism can't have their paws hurt when the flaps operate. Does make some degree of thievery possible, though, if the kitteh can snag his claw under the flap just right and pull it open a wee bit.

    - Badtux the Cat-owned Penguin

  10. if the kitteh can snag his claw under the flap just right and pull it open a wee bit.

    Sound like you have misidentified your monkey. Now go out & get a real cat!


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