Tuesday, January 25, 2011

An 8-beat shuffle

One thing I'm working on is my timing. It's clear that my timing sucks at any complicated music. So for this particular track, I set an 8-beat shuffle at 88 beats going on the drum machine, and then laid down a rhythm guitar track. Once I had a rhythm track, I could then lay down a lead guitar track without killing my timing. Still left to do is a boogie-woogie piano track, a harmonica track (Key of "G" harmonica), and of course a vocals track with the lyrics. Then I'll fade the drum track in on the front of the song and out on the back of the song to keep it from sounding too robotic there.

So anyhow, here's the song with the drums, rhythm, and lead guitar. Unlike the last one, this isn't just a jam, it's an actual structured song intended to go with actual structured lyrics with hook and all. You'll just have to imagine the bluesy singing and boogie-woogie piano at the moment, because I haven't finished the lyrics yet and my arthritis started acting up on the piano part (boogie-woogie piano is pretty intense). Note that it can take me a dozen takes to get a track laid down right, so we're talking about a couple of hours worth of piano pounding to get the piano track right... *not* easy on my joints, even two run-throughs tonight without the recorder on (just to get the feel of what it sounded like with the piano) made them ache :(.

-- Badtux the Musical Penguin

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