Friday, January 21, 2011

The Big Lie

I haven’t talked about Rep. Steve Cohen’s comment about the Republicans using Goebbel's "Big Lie" technique about health care reform because frankly I think he didn’t make the sell. I know what he’s referring to, but the average American would just be baffled. But he’s certainly correct that we have a political party and their propaganda arm (Fox News and talk radio frothers) who regularly engage in the Big Lie technique pioneered by Goebbels, where even lies that can be debunked simply by looking at a calendar get repeated over and over again until people believe them (like “Obama’s bailout of the bankers”, which happened in 2008 when TARP was passed, said legislation which was proposed by the Bush Administration and signed by, err, President George W. Bush, not Obama, who did not take office until January 20 2009).

But now we have Republicans saying that Cohen is *just like* Caribou Barbie when it comes to language comparing political opponents to Nazis. Say wha?! We’ve established that Cohen is telling the truth about the Republican Party using the Big Lie technique, so that makes his case of "intemperate language" utterly different from Palin's, where Palin was not telling the truth about being the victim of a “blood libel” — nobody has libeled her by accusing her of participating in secret rituals where she kills Christian children and bakes their blood into matzoh balls, as far as I know. So Cohen (who is Jewish, BTW) is "anti-Semitic" because he made a "comparison between Nazis and Republicans"? Err, no. Telling the truth isn't anti-*ANYTHING*. It's just the truth -- unlike Palin's "blood libel" lie.

-- Badtux the Propaganda Penguin

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  1. It's just a bunch of monkeys fucking around, try to stay out of the way.


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