Friday, January 28, 2011

The Party of Rape

The Republicans have introduced a bill that will change the definition of rape as used to determine whether an abortion can be funded. Under the new definition of rape as proposed by Rep. Chris Smith (R-NJ), rape isn't rape unless you have the bruises to show it. But I'll let someone else tell you about it -- "Under the proposed law, for example, women who become pregnant after being drugged and raped would get no assistance. And children molested by sexual predators would get no assistance unless they were sufficiently beaten."

Yes, I just linked to Charles Johnson's disgusting right-wing blog Little Green Footballs. When a bill is so disgusting that even Chuckles is disgusted by it, you know it's disgusting.

The Republican Party's message: Sorry foster kids, you got raped, you gotta bear your rapist's baby to term unless ya got the bruises to prove it. That's just plain wrong. Just sayin'.

-- Badtux the Disgusted Penguin


  1. I can't even begin to tell you what I think of that bill. Well, I could start but not finish, because even I don't know that much profanity.

  2. *sigh* Should have said "enough profanity" not "that much profanity". Long week....

  3. I clicked your Green Fartboys link, (a site I have not visited since 2006 while living in Australia) and what surprised me is that the commenters to that story agreed with you (and whatever Little Fartbox wrote the post.) I had expected kneejerk responses of "If it cuts down on even one single abortion, the Repub. proposal is worth it!" I wonder if even the reichtards at LGF have some sort of libertarian standards, or if dissenting comments are censored.

  4. Now that the GOP no longer has ACORN to kick around, they've decided to go all out after Planned Parenthood. (Full disclosure: my very first contract job was for a local Planned Parenthood, and I'm rather proud to have helped them out.) Whatever else it is, Planned Parenthood is a primary source of health care... general health care... for many poor women.

    This is yet another Republan [sic] kick in the teeth of women, especially poor women.

    Reclassifying any sort of rape, defining it down, is just obscene. I hope Rep. Smith ends up in jail for his crimes (how do I know he's committed crimes? well, he's a Republan [sic], isn't he?) and has an immense cellmate named Tiny who fancies his behind. It would serve him right.

    (Why "Republan" [sic]? It's a response to "Democrat Party": I figure it's an "ic" for an "ic" .)


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