Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Organ donor

This was a Canadian girl band named The Organ, with their song "Let The Bells Ring". Unfortunately they got screwed over by their Canadian label, which wouldn't let them sign a contract in the U.S., and in disgust they broke up. In retaliation their label has threatened to sue the individual members of the band if they ever record anything again. Just your typical music business mafia, pissing on the talent and then wondering why MySpace has more interesting music than they do...

-- Badtux the Music Penguin


  1. Is there a Canadian girl band called the Orgasm? It wouldn't surprise me if there is, Canadians are crazy you know.

    Fun, but crazy.

  2. Music industry to girlband: "All your thought are belong to us!"

  3. Pretty much, Bukko. But that's nothing new. John Fogerty couldn't sing CCR songs that he'd written for many years because he would have had to pay Saul Zaentz to sing HIS OWN SONGS! And he couldn't record his new songs for over five years because Fantasy Records/Saul Zaentz claimed that anything he produced belong to Zaentz. So the music industry has always been about power trips where moguls revel in fucking over their talent. The difference is that now bands have other avenues to get their music to the public... and are doing so.


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