Sunday, December 12, 2010

The Obamapublican Plan

Preznit Hopey Changey is shocked, shocked I say, that his base hates his giveaway to the rich. Looking at the graph above (courtesy of DKos), I have NO idea why he would be so shocked....

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  1. His base isn't gonna be his base in 2 years, FSM willing. He's already trashed the good {?) name of the left by allowing his particular brand of far-rightness to become synonymous with "socialism."

    So the actual left, if there is one, should primary him & deliver the presidency to the tea party to show their power (or balls, if they have either.) Can't be much worse. Can't be worse, period.

  2. Much of the base will stay home in 2012, just as it did in 2010. The Big Money will not give to a Third Party. The Big Media will ridicule any Third Party candidate the way it did with the "Dean Scream," so most Duhmericans will pay no mind to any insurgency. That will mean a default victory for the Repig faction of the Corporate Party.

    If Obama had any decency, he'd announce he was not running for re-election. But he won't, because he is part of the Corporate Party, and he has his role to play, which is to make sure that the kabuki Left/Right charade continues. When the more blatant fascists take control in 2012, the economic collapse will be well underway, which will ensure riots and a military clampdown before 2016.

    Ask yourself: "How will I continue to keep living once the artificial money stops?"

  3. Bukko, I didn't mean to imply a 3rd party, just a more liberal, left-ish wing of the Democrats fielding a primary candidate against Obama, ideally to show that Obama is no liberal, and that the left-ish side of the Dems still have a significant voice in the party. It's the only possible way to try to counter the idea that Obama stands for anything even remotely left. Long shot, yes, but it's pretty much all that's left for Dems, of which I am not one.

  4. Righto, Dope, and I should have been more specific. By "Third Party" I also meant the possibility that an internal Democratic Party challenger will arise. The measure to sustain Sanders' filibuster received, what, 20 votes? All a Repuke has to do is WHISPER "I filibuster this" and anything is stopped dead in its tracks, even a treaty that might help prevent nuclear war. But when a liberal actually tries a REAL filibuster, he gets slapped down. That shows you the strength of the Oligarchy, do-what-the-Money-Interests-say Party is -- 4:1 over people acting in the peoples' interests.

    Your Social Security is doomed. Anything the government does to help average people is doomed. The MIC and rich fcukers will continue to have BAU. The dollars in your pocket are doomed to debauchery (and not the fun sort of debauchery, either.) Get ready to save yourself.


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