Sunday, December 05, 2010

Another busy day

On this day I:

  1. Got a hair cut
  2. Ate a large bowl of chicken pho
  3. Bought a toy for next week's Toys for Tots fill-the-bus event (a tub of Legos, of course -- I'm an engineer, what'd you expect?!).
  4. Bought a fancy electronic cat feeder that's supposed to be able to dole out 5 pounds of kitteh kibble a half-cup at a time, morning and night,
  5. Bought batteries for said electronic cat feeder
  6. Bought two 20 pound bags of kitty litter to handle the output results of use of the cat feeder :)
  7. Wired a Christmas wreath and lights to the grille of my Jeep
  8. Renewed the Tuxjeep's registration (via the online DMV application)
  9. Retrieved tire chains and empty storage tubs from storage
  10. Wrote checks for: Property taxes, and to the Salvation Army.
  11. Donated to Martha's Kitchen, a local soup kitchen.
Half of this was done in the rain. Luckily I have good rain gear.

Right now TMF is under the covers, and Mencken is trying to attack him, but Mencken is getting mouths full of blanket instead. Always excitement happening here in Chez Penguin :).

Oh, why the Salvation Army: They're an odd religious cult, and have some of the odd beliefs of many religious cults, such as their attitudes towards homosexuality. On the other hand, over 80% of my donations go straight to services for those in need. I was looking for organizations that haven't had even a hint of scandal associated with them. Unfortunately, such organizations are few and far between, there are a lot of executives of non-profits who seem to think they should get outrageous salaries with donor money...

- Badtux the Busy Penguin


  1. Cat/blanket attack would make a good video.

  2. Yes, but do you have an automatic-emptying cat litter box?

    Don't forget to format the outputs!

  3. Well done, Tux!

    Close to home here we have what used to be called the Pontiac Rescue Mission - for the last few years, Grace Center of Hope.

    It's supported strictly by donations, takes no Federal money, and is in the heart of down-trodden Pontiac, MI. Religious based, sure, but I overlook that as well.

    One of my work colleagues - who was a great jazz keybosrd player - supported them, and I took it up when he retired in '03. He died in the spring of '09, and I continue to support Grace in his memory.

    RIP Jerry.



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