Friday, December 17, 2010

House approves tax hikes for poor

Tax hike for poor, tax cut for rich, passes House 277-144. It now goes to Obama's office for final signing. Which will happen. Of course.

The average worker in the bottom quintile will see his taxes raised by around $300 thanks to the elimination of the "Making Work Pay" tax credit. The average person in the top 1% will see his taxes cut by over $130,000.

So in essence Congress, crying crocodile tears all the way about how they "had" to pass this thing because that mean, mean Obama "gave them no choice", just voted to transfer yet *more* wealth from workers to grifters. Because that's what our elites are -- grifters. They don't create wealth, they simply profit from the wealth created by their workers, the people who actually create the "stuff" they sell or provide the services they sell. All they do is sit there at the top of the money pyramid rubbing their hands together and gloating about how much better they are than those folks who actually get their hands dirty assembling cars, flying planes (which is a minimum wage job for the regional airlines now), and so forth... the people without whom they'd have *nothing*, because they make nothing, create nothing, do nothing except take the wealth that other people create and accumulate it for themselves.

-- Badtux the Worker Penguin

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  1. Grifter class? Haven't heard that one, before, but I like it. I may start using it, myself. With attribution, of course.


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