Wednesday, December 01, 2010

In honor of Willie

Willie just got busted *again* for marijuana, this time by the Border Patrol at one of those illegal unconstitutional searches way, way, way away from the border. Talk about an asshole. I mean, geeze, it's Willie fuckin' Nelson, of *course* there's marijuana on his bus, but only a total asshole would actually bust a 79 year old man for having a joint, sheesh! Best snark I've heard so far is: "Instead of stopping the million of illegals crossing our borders and the drug cartels smuggling in tons of dope they busted Willie for 6 ounces of marijuana. Good job Border Patrol.. you are really protecting our country." Yeppers, those 79 year old pot smokers are WMD's that might go off any time, thank you, Border Patrol!

So anyhow, this is "Moment of Forever" off his 2008 album by the same name. The man is 79 years old and still touring, and has smoked a joint of marijuana every day for, well, pretty much forever. Yeah, that marijuana is eeeeevil stuff, it'll kill you young and you'll never amount to anything (sarcasm intended, of course :).

-- Badtux the Snarky Msic Penguin


  1. It would only be news if he was busted for not having pot.

    Those assholes just wanted some pot cuz they were getting low on their own stock and they know he always has some.

  2. A good friend of mine got busted on the border with 34 lbs of weed. He is a Mexican citizen & chose permanent deportation back home (he has a wife & 2 kids here) rather than 5 years in the slammer. Federal DAs are dicks.

    Surely Johnny Law has better things to do. Six oz is a fair amount of weed. I wonder what they'll do to ol' Willie.

    Maybe he was just daring them to go after a 79-year-old to give publicity to the legalization movement. Or he was just baked.

  3. If you want an easy bust, just search Willie's bus. It ain't no secret you're going to find some herbal remedy there, guaranteed. Last time Willie got busted, by bored local cops in South Louisiana, they found *pounds* of pot in his bus. So Willie's cuttin' back. But these cops are still assholes. Sorry. The man is 79 years old, and you're going to threaten him with a life sentence (which any jail sentence will be for him) for possessing a fucking weed that grows by the side of the road?! Dude. That is some fucking *evil* there, masquerading as human beings, in those ICE uniforms.

    - Badtux the Asshole-spottin' Penguin


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