Wednesday, December 08, 2010

The Mastah of Disastah

Barack Obama's "deal" gives the Republicans two years of the tax cuts for millionaires that they wanted... but only one year of extended unemployment benefits that he wanted. And what are the odds that a Republican House is going to vote to extend those benefits again in one year?

I don't get it. It's as if Obama said, "here, I'll give you $2 if you give me $1." In what universe is that a fair deal or a reasonable compromise? Crap, if Obama was a poker player, he'd immediately show everybody his hand as soon as the dealer dealt it to him, then be baffled as to why he didn't win anything.

As Jazzbumpa is so fond of pointing out, WASF. I'm feeling rather down. Maybe it's just the holidays. I think I want to go camping in the desert for a week or two away from this lunacy, it's either that or ingest enough alcohol to make my liver scream, which is hardly the solution (alcohol is a depressant after all). Siiiiiigh!

-- Badtux the Baffled Penguin


  1. Putting on my sarcasm hat...

    Wow. If I didn't know better, I'd think Obama actually wanted to extend the tax cuts, using those evil Republicans as cover.

    But that can't be...

    Can it?

  2. No way can it be that way, Dope! Why, if it was, the next thing you'd see is Hobama acceding weakly to the disembowelment of Social Security, Medicare, government employees' jobs... That will NEVER happen, eh?


  3. Dope, Bukko, couldn't be. Why, Obama is black, which means he's automatically a liberal, because, well, because he's black, duh!

    Nunya, I assume you're talking about the prior post. Nope, the iPad is my new Jeeputer for Jeep expeditions, it has a topographical mapping program on it for displaying where I am. Although you're right, everything is a kitteh toy :).

    - Badtux the Snarky Penguin

  4. Word up! from Reuters -- the next demand from the fascists -- "all you broke state governments must declare a pre-planned bankruptcy that will allow you to dump the money you promised to pay to your retired state employees." The hits just keep on coming...

    What I really intended to say is that this is a disturbing post from you, Tux. Disturbing in that it agrees with what I've been saying for years now. And I've been hoping there was a good chance I was on the paranoid, lunatic fringe. I don't agree with some of your economic viewpoints about how there might be a way out of the money mess we're in, because I see disaster everywhere. Still, it was nice to read a viewpoint from someone who, while not optimistic, was less dire than I.

    And now you're sounding like this?!? Maybe it's just SAD, mate. Snap out of it!

    But Mistah Surrendah's actions would make perfect sense if he's just a lackey of the ruling overlord class. They would make perfect sense if the long-term plan was to let America collapse as part of a "Shock Doctrine" scenario (I'm reading Naomi Klein's book by that name and it seems eerily prescient.) When it all falls apart, it's easier to reassemble the pieces into a fascist's dream.

    Minus a few tens of millions of the oldest, sickest, least productive subjects for the new overlords, of course. Because Bukko's tinfoil is telling him the long-range goal is mass death -- say elimination of 5 billion of the 6.something billion people currently alive. The world would work a lot better if that was to occur. You heard it here first. And Tux, if you ever write a post agreeing with my viewpoint, I will be truly depressed.

    Got subsistence farming?

  5. As Cenk on The Young Turks said, "Obama is either weak, stupid, or complicit."

    Which one of the three seems the most likely given his performance so far?

  6. You left off the 4th option on this quiz: All of the above.



    - Badtux the Multiple Choice Penguin

  7. Obama is giving people there cakes and letting them eat it even though they are diabetics and should not eat cake. Practical politician he is being.

    Not that it is a good thing. I need to watch Idiocracy again.

  8. Rhett, the rich are getting the cakes. The rest of us are just getting the service. As in, a stallion servicing a mare, yo.

    - Badtux the Snarky Penguin

  9. Obama is definitely not stupid. I have a really hard time believing he's weak.

    What does that leave . . .?

    He's Republican in Demo-drag.

    JzB the insomniac tromonist

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