Friday, December 24, 2010

An instructional video

Please pay attention, this instructional video has important information in it for the upcoming holiday season. Especially if you intend to deal with crowds in the mall tomorrow:

Hey, looks just like the crowd at the mall outside that window, right?

- Badtux the Snarky Penguin


  1. Those narrator gals sure had a couple of zombies inside their sweaters, eh?

    You've probably read this already, since you're smarter than the average 'guin, but I was impressed by the astute science behind why a zombie apocalypse would FAIL. It's from Cracked magazine, which now seems to be as funny as Mad usedtabe.

  2. Their "science" assumed that bodies infected by the zombie virus would rot at the same rate as normal bodies, and that they'd become distinguishable from ordinary people soon enough in the disease process that ordinary people would feel comfortable blowing them away on sight. But it takes a lot of training to train out of the average infantryman the hesitation that most people have about killing their fellow man. And those are people who *chose* to go into a profession where they'd have to kill people, i.e., they were more violent than the average American to begin with.

    Besides, the zombie apocalypse has already happened. If you doubt me, since you're in Vancouver, just go over to the intersection where Sears and Hudson Bay compete against each other, and watch the crowds doing last-minute Christmas shopping. They might as well be groaning "BBRRRaaaaaiiiiiins!", heh.

  3. They're all over the place. Our closest large city only has something like 61,000 people, and I swear I saw some while we were at the mall yesterday....


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