Friday, June 25, 2010

The truth gives Republicans the vapors

Republicans are deliberately trying to sabotage the economy, states a Democratic Senator from Michigan after a Republican filibuster kills Federal aid to states plus kills unemployment benefits for 5.29 million of the 9.6 million Americans receiving employment benefits.

So, starting next week, millions of Americans will no longer have enough money to buy bread and water for their supper (because that's all the pitiful "unemployment benefits" offered here in the USA will buy), and states will have to fire 40% or more of their employees, adding yet *more* unemployed people to starve in the streets. And this is all according to plan, according to the leader of the Republican Party, Rush Limbaugh, who publically has stated that the Republican plan is for Obama to fail.

And now the Republicans are having the vapors, the vapors I say, over Senator Debbie Stabenow's stating of what their very own leader said was the plan. So it goes... "hypocrisy" and "Republican" go together like "macaroni" and "cheese", yo!

- Badtux the Unsurprised Penguin


  1. And this is surprising exactly why? For at least the last 40 years, the Rethuglicans haven't given a warm turd for anyone who isn't a gazillionaire. What amazes me, though, is all the little people -- the blue collar workers, the Joe the Plumbers -- who support these mean-spirited "morans" who are actively trying to disenfranchise them. Why, for Gods sake, do these idiots continue to think the Rs give a rat's behind about them?

    I hate to say this (well, actually, no I don't) but I saw a guy with a McCain/Palin sticker at the unemployment office and couldn't help myself: "how's that compassionate conservative thingie workin for ya?" He started yapping about the Brunswick Naval Air Station in Maine being closed by "the Kenyan" so I pointed out the decision on the base closure was made by his man gee-dumbya in 2002 or so.

    Captcha: Fraffit, which seems to cover it precisely.

    Fraff it.

  2. You malign Mac and Cheese.

    I still don't get the mentality that wants not only Obama, but millions of Americans to fail. How can these people have so little compassion?

  3. I agree with Minerva about mac & cheese. I would say that Republicans and hypocrisy go together like gravity and the space/time continuum. There are even black holes like the Wasilla Winky Dink and Rep Louie Gohmert ant the Party Head Rush The Talking Pig.

  4. I swear I did not read your post before I posted today, lol

  5. I like my World's Simplest Tuna Casserole (1 box mac'n'cheese, 1 can tuna, 1 can cream-of-mushroom soup). The point was that macaroni by itself was always accompanied by cheese, just as Republicans are always accompanied by hypocrisy. I should have realized that putting "Republican" and "mac'n'cheese" into the same post would be derogatory to mac'n'cheese :).

    - Badtux the Apologetic Penguin

  6. Hey -

    This time, you scooped me.

    I have been busy this past week . . .


  7. I was laughing only because you mentioned mac n cheese and I mentioned it also. I love the stuff, it's still my kid's favorite food and it fed us whilst on welfare. Frozen veggies were cheaper than mushroom soup and she ate veggies!


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