Sunday, June 13, 2010

And fuck you, Bill Donohue

As you know, I'm not that big a fan of Lady Gaga. I was around when the original Madonna was in her prime, and while Ms. Germanotta does a great update of the whole Madonna act and clearly is a talented performer in her own right, for me it's like, "eh, seen it before." I can understand why the kids who weren't around when Madonna was young go, well, Gaga over Gaga, though. If you've never seen anything like that before, it must seem rather daring and new. And Stef does do it very, very well.

So what am I doing posting a Gaga video, for the second day in a row supplanting the video that *should* be here (which got bumped somewhere later in the month)? Simple: To piss off that asshole Bill Donohue and his one-man "Catholic League", who claims that this video is "anti-Catholic". But I think P.Z. Myers gets the last word here: "...muscular young men gyrating in jackboots and tight shorts and nothing else, the weird headgear, the sadomasochistic imagery, the black leather uniforms, the flaming homoeroticism, and I was thinking, yeah, all that does remind me of Catholicism. I didn't think it was Catholic bashing, though. I thought it was a recruiting video." Heh.

-- Badtux the Catholic Music Penguin

Oh yeah, just to fuck with asshole Bill some more, here's the Dum Dum Girls with their song, "Catholicked":

Now that's some good ole' fashioned girl band rock'n'roll, early 60's style, heh. Even though the song actually dates to, err, 2009.


  1. LOL...recuiting video! That gave me my Sunday morning snicker. (Better than communion!) I like Gaga precisely because of the resemblance to Madonna. I think really what really chaps Donohue's ass is that someone raised Catholic (like both Madonna and Gaga ....and goodness knows, O'Connor) would dare have a negative opinion about the Mother Church and "abuse" symbols thereof.

    But hey, Catholic monkey see, monkey do?

  2. In my humble opinion Mr.Donohue sucks moose dick. I just hope he get's caught doing it while in Church in the confessional while having a wide stance.

    Ahhhh those poor kids.......

  3. Oh hell, fuck everyone.

  4. You're giving up red heads for Lady Gaga?

    Er ... ah -- mfggnkjf . . .


  5. Jazz, this was a very special day. I don't recall who I had in this spot for today (whoever it was got bumped to near the end of the month), but she may have had red head. I just thought that Bill Donohue deserved a big upraised middle finger for his recent criticism of this video, so last night I bumped the video that *should* have appeared today (it'll appear later) and put this one instead.

    - Badtux the Finger-raised Penguin


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