Sunday, June 20, 2010

Cat 1, Penguin 0

So I came up with a bright idea for dealing with my furry pillow problem: Prop my pillows on edge so that the kittehs had no flat surface to fur! The result? Well, see for yourself:

Fur-bearin' varmint simply nuzzled one of the pillows down flat, and settled in for a nap!

BTW, taking photos of a black cat is a situation fraught with problems. Yes, The Mighty Fang is black. But I promise you, he's not so black that he simply sucks all light out of the picture, he's actually a shiny black, who gleams somewhat iridescently. Despite what this photo seems to say.

-- Badtux the Cat-furred Penguin


  1. Would you say he's a "sparkly cat''? Methinks a certain author may have issues with that...

  2. Dark kitties are hard to photograph. My Natasha is a dark brown, pointed Burmese. Have I ever caught her color variation in a photo? Never! She comes out as a dull black all over, even with the sun shining on her.

    The boys now -- one a black & white who's more white than black and the other a mixed tabby and white -- come out fine. And they pose, while Natasha often bolts at the sight of the camera. Sigh.

  3. I had a cat that looked just like TMF once, beautiful cat, I named it Bitch.


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