Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Attention all thugs and bullies

Get your kicks by beating people with a baseball bat? Love shooting people as they lay on the ground restrained by your fellow thugs? But you're not willing to go to jail to get your woodies on? Don't despair! Join your local police force! Then you can beat anybody you want to beat, anytime you want to beat him, for as long as you want to beat him, and pay no price at all -- as long as you select an appropriate victim such as a mentally ill veteran. Feel like using a high-tech cattle prod to electrocute someone for hopping over a subway gate? Never fear, being a member of your local transit police lets you do that anytime you wish! Beating and cattle prodding people doesn't get your pecker hard enough? Want to actually kill people? Don't worry, as long as the person you kill is black and you practice saying "I thought he had a gun!" and crying on demand for long enough, you'll never see a day in jail.

So, all you thugs and bullies out there: Now you know how to be a thug and bully -- and get away with it! What a deal! For you. Not for the rest of us little people, but hey, we're just the sheep, to be culled by you at will, right? Right?!

-- Badtux the Sovok Penguin


  1. ... but hey, we're just the sheep, to be culled by you at will, right?

    Well, they do like to call themselves sheepdogs ...

    We can "thank" Lt. Col. David Grossman for that god-awful metaphor.

  2. People didn't always used to hate cops, did they? When I was young, in the 60s, and in decades for that(in the U.S. at least) the police used to be mostly respected. It was just criminals and minority groups who the pigs used to persecute. I guess most of us have joined that latter group now.

    During the few times I waste my time debating online with rabid gunnutz who say weapons are necessary to stop government tyranny, I rhetorically ask "Who are you going to shoot? The local policeman? Because that's who the tyrannical government is going to send to arrest you if you step out of line in some way that aggravates the tyrants." But when the Clampdown comes, shooting the cops might not be such a bad idea...

  3. Having been born just 3 yrs and 9mo before Pearl harbor, I was always taught that if I needed help or protection, I could always go to the Police. I have watched with great dismay, the collapse of civility, courtesy and common decency in the law enforcement field of the United States today. I doubt if you can find a dozen police in the entire country who actually feels that his job is a calling, like teaching or doctors felt 40 years ago. I no longer live in the USA, nor do I believe in very much what your government says these days. I will admit, that my adopted government isn't all silk and satin, and surely has rough edges, but if I need any help, I still can go to them, or if I have a disagreement, we can sit down and converse like human beings and I do not need to worry about being tasered, shot, sodomized whith a nightstick or just hammered into a bloody pulp by some bully on a mission from his very seriously damaged psyche.... No I will take one of our local "Mutoi's, or a Gendarme any day of the week before I would trust any cop/policeman in the USA.


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