Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Let them eat dumpster scraps

Marie Antoinette: "Let them eat cake"(*)
Rush Limbaugh: Let them eat dumpster scraps.

That's Rush Limbaugh's child nutrition program for poor kids. No, I'm not joking. Really. Not joking.

It's clear Rush hasn't studied history, because if he had, well, he would have remembered what happened to Marie Antoinette. Just sayin'.

-- Badtux the Neck-measurin' Penguin

* Marie Antoinette never said that. That's right, the cake is a lie. But it was certainly well within her mentality, she said plenty of other things over her short life that were similar in nature.


  1. Tux
    This guy is beyond the pale.
    He also did an impression of Beck making fun of Obama's daughter.
    Real class there...

  2. Taking into consideration where I live I'll never have to eat dumpster scraps. But I wouldn't rule out eating the neighbors dogs.

  3. Let's see.... Rush has had four weddings. So, when's the funeral?

  4. Ah, cool, you got the "Let themeat cake" debunk linked, too. Someone else might have have said it, but there's no doubt that it captures a certain mentality. I think "Let them dumpster dive" is even nastier – it's less cloistered, and just mean.


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