Tuesday, June 15, 2010

If it's Tuesday....

... it must be time for another speech by Preznit Obama proclaiming that he's Mr. Commander Guy and that the devastation on the Gulf Coast isn't really *that* bad, why, the redfish even come pre-oiled so you don't need to oil your pan anymore!

No action, of course. But the Preznit does give pretty speech, yo. Why, if BP keeps misbehaving they better watch out, because... because... Preznit Commander Guy will give another speech about it! The horror, oh the horror! Why, I'm sure the corporate thugs at BP are just a'shudderin' in their wingtip shoes about that possibility, yessiree...

-- Badtux the Snarky Penguin


  1. I don't understand why everyone expects a president to be superman and magically fix shit other monkeys fuck up. He or no other president can do that. Especially in the fucked up political system we have these days, so cut him a little slack.

    He'll get more out of them than many of the country's do that are spoiled by oil company's messes, it's a bucket of shit, deal with it.

    I see it's estimated to be up to as much as 2.52 million gallons a day now, yup, they're fucked unless they can get a lot of oil eating microbes in there fast.

    Of course every picture has a bright side if you make it big enough. Our Northern fisheries should enjoy a good market year. And the tourists can always go somewhere else, if they would like to cool off after all the heat they can visit the Northern part of the states, even Canada, it's beautiful there in the summer.

    But hopefully, they won't come here, too fucking many monkeys here already.

  2. Word on the street Leahy has an angry letter just waiting for the go ahead from the top.

  3. Heh. He should've given the speech weeks ago. And told America what he planned. And made a good show of holding BP accountable..

  4. Wen Hopey speaks, I can imagine the same words coming out of Bush'it's mouth. I mean, literally, my mind can hear Bush's dumb-ass accent pronouncing the words Obama is mouthing.

    And that speech -- feh! (A word implying more disgust than a simple "meh.") It could have been an address from a small-town councilman. Americans are buying more insulated windows, so the recession is over, eh? All those insolvent banks and tens of millions of unemployed people? Magic windows, no worries!

    Even on MSNBC, generally reliable Hopium addicts like Olbermann and Maddow are ripping him.

  5. I thought his speech sucked. Believe me I've written much harsher things about it. Once again I didn't see leadership. I give two shits what he had for lunch with Haley Barbour.
    How about a little truth, tell us about the cracks in the sea floor. Tell us how your going to make sure workers and people are being protected. Talk about the possibility of Black rain poisoning our country.
    Address those things. I'm not going to cut him any slack, not when the consequences could be so dire.
    One more thing, don't tell us your praying for an answer.The freaking last thing in the world I want to hear about is praying.

  6. If Obama has to go Medieval on BP again, it's gonna get ugly. This time he'll glare and make jabbing motions with his finger.

    BP won't like it one bit.


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