Monday, June 14, 2010

And in today's news....

Kyrgyzstan burns. I mentioned at one point in time that people who wished for an armed revolution were crazy, because the aftermath was always tragedy. This is the case here too. The folks who ran the last government out of town at gunpoint and installed an interim government, are now ignoring the government they installed and engaging in a bit of ethnic cleansing of ethnic Uzbeks. Just consider it a prelude to what would happen to Mexican-Americans if the teabaggers seized power at gunpoint...

Yeah yeah, I hear you saying. Yet another one of those trashcanistans doing what transcanistans are always doing (lots of waving of guns and killing people), that's not news. Well, except the U.S. has $1 trillion reasons to care, given that Kyrgyzstan is the main transshipment point for U.S. airborne supplies to Afghanistan.

So, SNAFU (Situation Normal, All Fucked Up). Which brings up the question of, "why is the U.S. mucking around in that part of the world anyhow?" And that's a question I have no answer to, since Osama bin Laden, not the Taliban, attacked the U.S. on 9/11/2001... and as far as I know, Osama is in Pakistan, not Afghanistan.

-- Badtux the Geopolitics Penguin


  1. Iron, copper, cobalt, gold, lithium, and so forth.
    The main purpose of the US Military is to make the world safe...
    For global capitalists to exploit.

  2. Well, in this case, the only folks interested in Afghanistan are the Chinese, who share a (very short) piece of border and who operate the only functioning mine in the country (a copper mine, which is defended by... err... U.S. troops, sigh!). While there's a lot of minerals in Afghanistan, there's no transportation network to get'em out of there, the only "roads" are barely goat paths. I'll have to make you a video of an Afghan "road" one of these days, next time I'm in an area with similar "roads" with a video camera...

    - Badtux the "it ain't *OUR* $1T in minerals" Penguin


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