Monday, June 14, 2010

Furball just cost me $25

Yeah, The Mighty Fang decided that the rear patio screen was a climbing tree, and ripped big gaping holes in it. So I had to run to Home Cheapo and get some "cat-proof" screen material and spline to replace the torn screen. That was an hour of my time (between buying the screen and rolling it into the frame) that I'll never get back...

You might remember a few posts back where I said I had to reinforce my cracked bedframe with some mending plates to keep it from collapsing. Here is what a mending plate looks like on my bedframe: It's that metal plate you see along the side of the rail. There is a matching one on the side of the leg, inside the rail. On the backside there is already reinforcement, a crossbrace that goes to the other side of the bedframe, which is what kept the leg from collapsing altogether when it split there at the weak spot (the slot) while I was moving the bed around. I figure that with the crossbrace and these two mending plates, this leg ain't goin' nowhere...

So anyhow, I guess I'm a home improvement penguin today. Not that I own a home, sigh...

-- Badtux the Home Improvement Penguin

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