Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Another gardening question

So... what kind of plant is this? It appears to be a sprawling vine of some sort, with red trumpet-shaped flowers. Hmm. (Note - you can click on the photo for a bigger version).

- Badtux the Gardening Penguin


  1. It looks like Mandevilla.

    Don Brown

  2. Yep, my conclusion too. I suspect it is Mandevilla Red Riding Hood, a slightly shrubbier and better adapted to cooler weather version of Mandevilla. It seems to be doing fairly well now that it's getting regular care, it certainly has enough flower buds on it!

  3. Yup, it is a Madevilla, I'm not sure of the cultivar.

    I have a pink one that got frosted this winter and it is only just now starting to show any signs of life. There's a lesson here, BadTux: after you think something got killed in the frost give it 6 months to recover before you decide it is dead.




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