Sunday, November 01, 2009

Gosh, no racism here!

Obama's favorability-unfavorability rating in the South is 28-67, while it is 68-23 in the rest of the country.

Gosh, I wonder why that is? Hmm, here is a typical Southern town welcoming the new Sheriff Obama into town:

-- Badtux the "No racism here, nuh uh!" Penguin


  1. I had not seen that clip in YEARS and it's as funny now as when it was first released. I am not sure about the racism - if this was the 'Solid South' of the 50s & 60s when the SOuth was purely Democratic (because Lincoln was a Republican) that would be a telling stat. But the South is now Republican and IMO would turn the same numbers if Clinton was in office.

  2. But the South did *not* turn the same numbers when Clinton was in office, and (white) Democrats do win in the South, though not as often as Republicans. These numbers suggest that the Old Confederacy and the New Confederacy share one thing in common -- their opinion of "uppity niggers".

    - Badtux the Southern Penguin


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