Thursday, November 05, 2009

Security snake oil

Iraqi government spends millions on bomb detectors that are nothing but sticks.

Afghan policeman kills 5 NATO soldiers.

These are our allies? Uhm... no. We should be gone. Period. Else we risk more U.S. soldiers cracking and going on shooting sprees... enough. Enough.

-- Badtux the "Enough is enough" Penguin


  1. More than enough.



  2. Looks like you don't believe in either Imperialism or American Exceptionalism, which makes you a leftist-pinko defeatocrat.

    I suppose you don't believe in dowsing, either.

    JzB the luddite trombonist

  3. Here is what I don't get on IED dowsing rods- How hard is it to figure out that only those that survive are the ones to say how great those "tools" are?

  4. Anon -

    I believe the operative phrase here is, "Dead men tell no tales."



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