Friday, November 27, 2009


It is deer season. But for some deer hunters this year, it will be a deer hunt they will never forget. Because instead of them hunting deer... the deer will be hunting THEM! Dawn of the Zombie Deer, the new horror movie from Zack Snyder, in theaters on December 1!

-- Badtux the Tongue-in-cheek Penguin
Note: There is no such movie. In the event of such a movie, the weather forecast shall read "cloudy and overcast with a chance of exploding heads." That is all.


  1. I hunted lots in my late teens and early 20's. We lived way off the path and we ate Venison. I will Never forget shooting at one on the run and seeing it fall dead, eyes closed, no movement, etc. I went to where it lay and was ready to skin it, had my hand on the hooves and it's eyes opened then cleared, it looked at me then kicked free and stood up to run.
    I'd never been around a Zombie Deer before.
    Now I am a Believer. I only hunt with my Nikon 35mm slr and a 300x lens.
    People 0, Deer 1 .
    a still shaken w3ski

  2. This is the most genuinely fresh and original plot idea to come out of the woods in quite some time. I'm very excited about the prospect, though the tickets may be deer; but I be willing to put down a few bucks.

    Title correction, though:
    Oh Deer: Fawn of the Zombie.

    And imagine imagine the casting

    Maybe chose the one with the best rack.

    JzB the Odocoileus virginianus trombonist

  3. I grew up on deer and elk and such, didn't hunt deer much as an adult but did shoot four of them over the years, I like venison.

    I would shoot one again if I really needed to in order to eat to live. If things was bad enough I would eat the neighbors dog.

    So would you.

  4. Well, the Chronic Wasting Disease will get the profligate hunters (and others, too, I s'pose.)

    And I always thought the local great white hunters were just getting dumber all on their own ...


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