Saturday, November 14, 2009

Pro-rape Republicans upset...

... that the public is mad at them for being pro-rape. The lesson they learned: That when they want to defend the right of male military contractors to rape female military contractors, they should hide their vote on the subject or use procedural methods to hold up the vote.

You can't make this shit up, folks. Republican lawmakers genuinely did not foresee that a pro-rape vote would be a problem! And even today, they still see nothing wrong with their pro-rape vote, other than the fact that they didn't figure out some way to hide it. Even my male moron redneck relatives back home have a problem with the notion that women are for raping (nevermind the women, they're ready to take cleavers and iron skillets to David Vitter). They might be inbred redneck white trash cretins, but they have some standards, dadburnit!

-- Badtux the "These dudes are shameless!" Penguin


  1. Shameless and, apparently, brainless. No wonder the country's on the fast track to total failure.

  2. Brainless is the word alrighty.
    I cannot believe that in this day and age anyone would let themselves be thought of as Pro- rape! But then, the rethugs have always been out of touch with reality. I am sure this will not set well with female voters, and I hope it comes back to bite them hard at the next election. Dumb F*c*ers

  3. Have you heard about the new cell phone coming out for men?

    It's the I-BONE POCKET PUSSY PHONE. While you are telling her to fuck herself in the background she is hearing, "Oh honey, honey, fuck me, fuck me".

    ha ha ha ha ha

    No wonder the country's on the fast track to total failure.

    So what? I've seen it coming for years and have prepared for it the best I can.

    You can't fix it so just find a safe place to be.

  4. Seems that their mindless strategy of saying "no" to everything backfired.

  5. what people dont love the republicans because they hate women, immigrants, gays, atheists, blacks, hispanics, muslims

    -- have i left anyone out


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