Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Bizarro world World Nut Daily

A white man shot and killed one person and wounded two others in Colorado. Clearly this means that all white men are dangerous sociopaths and should be immediately deported to their country of origin.

-- Bizarro World Joseph Farah


  1. Close - but that should be COUNTY of origin - somewhere in New Hampshire.

    JzB the mind your p's, q's and r's trombonist.

  2. After the "twinky" defense , nothing suprises me anymore.
    As a vocal supporter of Native Americans, and a believer in day to day peacefull living, I second the motion. Hell yes, send all them Fuc**rs back to crackerland. Somewhere waaay down south and lock them in.

  3. Clearly this means that all white men are dangerous sociopaths

    It's just a fine line any man can step over.

    Hum, country of origin, in a country full of mongrels how would you sort that out?

    I'm English, Dutch, Irish, Welsh, with maybe some nigger and injun tossed in behind the woodpiles of the past.

    And I dare say that you have similar blood lines and heritage.

  4. I'm with w3ski on the Native American thing. I seem to have more of a Native American soul than a transported one.

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