Friday, November 06, 2009

Mouse problem

We're having a mouse problem at work and the suggestion was made to bring in the Mighty Fang and Mencken to deal with the problem. I laughed. The boys are so lazy that they'd just look up at us and say, "you want us to do what?!". Or meow angrily that we weren't catching the mouse for them.

Here's the only mice they threaten:

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The Mighty Fang has developed a new trick. He's found that if he starts to nuzzle the wires on my computer desk while he's sitting in my lap, I'll stop typing and cuddle him against me. Both annoying and adorable at the same time, heh!

-- Badtux the Cat-owned Penguin


  1. My cat does exactly the same thing. That, and shred my desk chair. Or my leg.

  2. Every cord to everything electrical in my house is covered. Home Depot has a made a bundle off me and my two chew-chew cats. They chew all cords. I do not even begin to put a new electrical anything in my house without buying cord covers. Certain cords even get two covers because of the location where the cats can get to them. One cat is worse than the other; but, they both chew. I continue to threaten the very serious chewer to change her name to Chewbaca.

  3. Pets or grandchildren.

    I think I made the right choice.

    JzB the patriarch trombonist

  4. Lockwood, nothing in my apartment is shreddable except my bed, and it's already so shredded that the kittehs don't bother.

    Bonnie, TMF has a thing for iPhone/iPod headsets. He has shredded at least three of them that I know about, even though I try to remember to toss them in a drawer rather than leave them sitting around.

    Jazz, a warm cat on the lap beats a grandchild miles away big-time. My kittehs are always here for me. Except when they're hiding under the bed. Or hiding under the futon. Or just not interested. Whatevah.

    - Badtux the Snarky Penguin

  5. Hey, just having kittehs [did I just type that?] around the office will deter rodents--due to the smell. Odds are the cats won't have to do much except sleep and shed, and look at things to spread their scent.

  6. carlos likes to hide behind the monitor.

  7. That's funny because my cat used to do that too. I'm having a mouse problem also and came across that Multi-Kill trap, which can kill up to 10 mice before needing to be reset. It’s quite effective.
    Here's the trap I'm referring to:

  8. Victor makes good traps, I eventually used the live-capture version of that trap to catch the mousey and take him to freedom a mile or so away. As for electrocuting poor mousey... I'm just a kind-hearted penguin. Oh well!

    - Badtux the Softie Penguin


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