Sunday, November 29, 2009

Human resources

You are not a person, you are a "resource", to consume, deplete, then throw away. That is how it works here in the Corporate States of America, there are no human beings in the eyes of these venal corporate executives, only "resources" to use and consume and drain then throw away when the resource is depleted. And since these evil assholes now run our government as well as our corporations, that's what they're doing to our veterans too -- using them, consuming them, depleting them, then throwing them away to die on the streets.

Yet people will go to a corporate restaurant rather than a local restaurant, will buy corporate music rather than support local musicians, will buy corporate prepackaged food made of compressed pig offal rather than fresh food from a local farmers market or butcher shop, vote for the corporate candidate rather than the honest man who isn't in the pay of the corporate sociopaths, and so on and so forth. We are participating in our own dehumanization. Is that some sick shit, or what?

-- Badtux the Disgusted Penguin


  1. sick shit for sure and not a or what!

    and our society continues to take the sick shit road even more.

  2. The cult of consumerism and the cult of personality worship. Two very sad and sickly additions to the human race. Disgusting.

  3. I'm with you, baby.

    Let's expose them and put them on trial.

    If we only could.

    Keep the faith.


  4. I think we're hard wired for consumerism and personality worship. And the evil corpo-crats are expert at exploiting human nature.

    But I do prefer local restaurants, local musicians, local produce whn I can get it.

    But dong the corpo-crat thing is so damned easy . . .

    Jzb the anti-corpo tromboninst


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