Saturday, October 31, 2009

Happy Halloween

Too bad the tradition of "trick or treat" appears to have died. Not a single kid for The Mighty Fang to scare with his black fur and shining eyes...

-- Badtux the Saddened Penguin


  1. No kids came by here either, but everyone seems to be afraid of everything nowadays.

  2. Anony: I think that means the terrorists have won...

  3. We had mobs of kids here in FL. Had a lot of fun. Next Halloween can I rent TMF? In fact maybe we can produce partisan candy with slogans in English & Spanish. I had a bi-lingual crowd - just in time for the 2010 elections.Kids don't vote but the parents usualy go through the candy for safety.

  4. We had about 30 kids, down from 60 or so a couple of years ago.

    The ones who showed up did like my pumpkin - a Pooh face, instead of my usual sneering Jackie Lantrun.

    JzB the pumpkin carving trombonist

  5. We had the same black-cat situation at our house last night.

    Tallulah bounced around all night just waiting to pounce on the chilluns.

    No luck.

    I think the parents are terrified of "child molesters" with funny candy.


  6. Anon: That's what the right-tards missed about Michael Moore's _Bowling for Columbine_. It wasn't about guns, Michael was quick to point out in the movie that there were other nations that had just as many guns as the USA without our problems with gun violence. It was about a culture of intimidation, violence and fear.

    SQ: The terrorists won in 1980, when they worked a deal with Saint Ronald Reagan to make him President.

    TD: I think TMF would like that. He's really a very friendly cat, most cats run and hide under the bed when strangers knock on the door, but not TMF -- he runs to the door to see what interesting person is there to play with him. The main problem is geographic incompatibility. You're by Tampa Bay, I'm by San Francisco Bay, and TMF isn't much for travelling (I drove him 900 miles from Phoenix to San Jose and I swear he yowled continously and non-stop for the entire trip, I would not have believed that any cat had such endurance!)

    JB, Suzan: Around here, "Trick or Treating" is a parent-arranged event where parents arrange with the parents of other children in their child's class to visit each other to "trick or treat". Sort of an arranged play date. After all, the owner of that black cat staring out the window at them might be a druggie or a pedophile or something, y'know. Just another day in the Kingdom of Fear...

    - Badtux the Halloween Penguin


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