Tuesday, November 03, 2009

How do you spell "Thieu" in Pashtun?

K-A-R-Z-A-I, apparently.

But I have one quibble. Thieu's very efficient secret police kept Saigon secure and relatively violence-free up to the end. It wasn't enough to save his bacon -- a terrorized population under the thumb of a brutal dictator is hardly eager to resist invasion (just ask Saddam Hussein -- oh wait, not possible!) -- but clearly Thieu was more effective than Karzai, who can't even secure his own capital city.

In short, not only are we supporting a corrupt dictator in Afghanistan -- we're supporting a corrupt ineffective dictator. And how the fuck is that supposed to be in the best interests of the USA? Curious penguins want to know!

-- Badtux the Curious Penguin


  1. I heard a discussion on Afghan corruption on the radio, possibly ATC on NPR, and the point was made that people in the area were quite used to bribing officials, but they expected the bribes to result in something.

    People are angry because the people working for the Karzai government aren't simply corrupt, they are also incompetent.

  2. Ineffective, incompetent... what the fuck was Bush thinking, putting this moron in charge? Oh wait, "Bush"... "thinking"... uhm, nevermind :).

    - Badtux the Snarky Penguin

  3. Alas, come for the Bush, stay for the Obama.

  4. We like to stick our nose in everyone elses business instead of just letting them kill each other.

    But our economy is based on being a war machine so there ya go.

  5. what the fuck was Bush thinking,

    In a few years we'll be thinking, "What the fuck was Obama thinking?"

    Politics, rolls eyes, I'd rather be a dictator, and so would you.

  6. No, I wouldn't rather be a dictator. And I'm glad you're not. Part of the problem in this country is the power of the President is far too great. Go back and read the Constitution. Appoint ambassadors, sign treaties ratified by Congress, Commander in Chief of the armed forces in time of war. Did I miss anything?

    Bush went to war in Iraq for two reasons - to drive up oil prices and then keep them high, and to grab more power. The most successful presidency EVAH!

    He abandoned Afghanistan because there never was anything there he gave a shit about.

    WV: aveness - the position of being God's mother

    JzB the non-dictatorial trombonist


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