Sunday, July 12, 2009

Would make another post, but...

The Mighty Fang wants to be fed, and I'm tired after a long hike in the Marin headlands.

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-- Badtux the Cat-owned Penguin


  1. At least MF is not wrapping himself around your neck like our Tallulah did to me when I was tooo sloooow with her Sunday brunch yesterday.



  2. I've one that wraps around feet. Not sure how killing the one that feeds one makes for faster service, but it is not for me to understand the logic of my mistress and master but merely to get the liver and salmon out PRONTO.

    -Professional Feline Staffer

  3. What is eery is that once The Mighty Fang finishes eating, he returns to his usual pursuit whenever I am in the apartment: Sitting about 3 feet away from me, staring intently at me with those big soulful eyes of his. It's creeping me out. I'm wondering whether he's thinking about whether penguin tastes like chicken. The boy does love his chow :-).

    -- Badtux the Fat-cat-owned Penguin


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