Saturday, July 11, 2009

Things that make a penguin scratch his head

  1. Jeff Sessions, R-KKK, is going to be the GOP frontman against the Sotomayor nomination. What, David Duke wasn't available?
  2. The Mighty Fang keeps trying to get at the computer desk where I'm eating my supper of tasty tuna and noodles. Thing is, he doesn't eat either tuna or noodles -- if he got at them, all he would do would be lick them. WTF with that?!
  3. The Freepers are attacking 11-year-old Maliya Obama for wearing a Peace t-shirt. Keepin' it classy, GOP guys... WTF, they didn't have any infants to steal lollipops from?
  4. My feet have *grown* over the past couple of years. My old hiking boots killed my feet at Yosemite last week. I went and bought some new ones today, they're half a size larger! WTF with that?!
  5. The lunatic right-wing "Birthers", led by World Nut Daily, are still claiming some vast conspiracy including major news media, the Hawaii birth registrar, Haiwaiian newspapers, etc. to disguise fact that Obama is a secret Nigerian Muslim or some silliness like that. Even the right-wing National Review calls their argument "frivolous", yet still they continue. WTF with that?
  6. The Young Republicans ran a racist against a convicted felon. What does it mean that the racist won? Does that mean there's more Republican racists than there are Republican criminals?
-- Badtux the Head-scratchin' Penguin

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