Thursday, July 09, 2009

To Rep. Mike Honda, US House of Representatives

I am a constituent whose mother has been a health care provider for 40 years. Our current healthcare system with its multiple "Separate but Equal" discriminatory ghettos for the poor, children, disabled, and the elderly is broken in fundamental ways far beyond funding, and I am dubious that the Tri-Committee proposal with its 800+ pages of patches to a broken system will result in anything other than a broken system with lots of patches that still continues to give unequal healthcare based on age and financial capability.

We need a system that fundamentally changes the game and provides equality of health care for ALL Americans. Please urge your colleagues to submit HR 676 Singlepayer Healthcare For All for CBO scoring so that we can fairly compare it to the Tri-Committee proposal, and please give single-payer advocates a voice at the table and give their legislation a fair chance at being heard rather than relegating them to a circus sideshow. At the very least, please do not vote for any bill which would outlaw California's SB-840 (Health Care For All), which will be signed by our next governor and provide universal single-payer health care for all Californians (if you do not vote for HR 676 first).

Thank you,
XXXXXXXXXX (redacted)

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  1. A fine letter.

    Harold Meyerson says in "Where is Obama's Army" the only way to ensure passage is to animate a groundswell of protesters taking to the streets, and Obama & Co. is not initiating such organization. Pity, but it's not the only one.


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