Thursday, July 30, 2009

And the birthers flock like hooded doves...

KKK hoods, that is.

It's all about one thing, and one thing only: Obama's race. "Everybody" knows that those Negros are lazy shiftless liars. So even though Obama says he was born in Hawaii, "everybody" knows he must be lying.

There is not a lick of evidence that Obama was born anywhere except where he says he was born. You've seen the birth certificate, as have I, and you've seen the statement by Hawaii's births registrar, as have I, and neither of us have seen anything that contradicts their statements -- and neither have the birthers. But they automatically assume Obama is lying because, well, he's BLACK. And everybody knows those Negros are all shiftless liars.

-- Badtux the Racism-smellin' Penguin


  1. How do people get like this? are they really that freakin' stupid? Or blinded by ideology? Or just bat-shit crazy.

    Honest to Moloch - I don't get it.

    JzB the guano avoiding trombonidt


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