Sunday, July 05, 2009

And the latest wingnuttery is...

HEALTHCARE IS SLAVERY! Yes, that's right -- if all Americans are required to participate in a universal healthcare system like EVERY OTHER SINGLE ADVANCED NATION ON THE PLANET HAS, then it's SLAVERY!

Uhm, no, you stupid motherfuckers. French people are not slaves, they are free citizens of a social democracy, with full control over their government. Swedish people are not slaves, they are free citizens of a social democracy, with full control over their government. Jesus fucking Great Penguin, how motherfucking stupid do you have to be to think that EVERY OTHER SINGLE ADVANCED NATION is a nation of slaves?

Not only is it stupidity to the point of making anybody wonder whether these mouth-breathing cretins are operating on even half a deck, it's utterly and completely demeaning of the sufferings of those who DID suffer from slavery. You want to know what slavery is, you stupid motherfucking right wing cretins? Here's your motherfucking slavery for you: You see that? This poor sod got whipped to within an inch of his life because he was PROPERTY. He was OWNED. He had a MASTER who could do anything he wanted to him, and DID. Now *THAT* is slavery -- not being citizens of a free democracy who vote to give themselves universal healthcare. This motherfucker SUFFERED. How the fuck can these right wing cretins even CONSIDER healthcare to be the same motherfucking thing as being FLOGGED?!

You want some more slavery, you stupid right-wing motherfuckers? Here's some slavery for you: This is one of Stalin's gulags. Millions of people were enslaved at gunpoint and put to work on vast public works, and millions of them died. This is what slavery looks like -- you're motherfucking OWNED, and you do what you're told or the guards shoot your ass. Only the stupidest blindest most ignorant motherfuckers on this whole goddamned PLANET can say that healthcare is the same thing as the gulags. I'm not aware that anybody ever died because they received healthcare! Cretins!

I mean, look: here is slavery up close and personal: Being ripped from your home at gunpoint, and sold as PROPERTY... now *that* is slavery. Healthcare... not so. Anybody who thinks that HEALTHCARE is the same thing as that is demeaning the suffering of all the REAL victims of slavery and needs to be slapped across the face and whipped across the back like that first poor sod so he has some idea of what slavery REALLY is. And even then these right-wing motherfuckers are so goddamned stupid and so motherfucking EVIL that they STILL wouldn't get the goddamned point of just how stupid, how callous, how goddamned WRONG they are.

-- Badtux the Irate Penguin


  1. This is unreal. I can't believe anyone would be so naive as to equate government healthcare with slavery. Why oh why has rational discourse been forsaken?

    Keep up the ranting.

  2. EEEeeeeasy there 'Tux! As KEE-Rekt as you don't wanna blow a gasket....Or A Seal....(wait, that's a different joke). It Isn't The Right Wing Republitards That I Condemn For This Asinine Rhetoric... Heck, They Have NOTHING ELSE! I DO Condemn The Chin Nut Sheeple Who Believe Their Crap And Blindly Regurgitate It For The Consumption Of The Even More Intellectually Challenged At The Break Table Or The Water Fountain etc.. At Any Rate....Calm Down A Little...... We Don't Need The Void That Would Be ..... If You Burst That Big Michael Boltonesque Vein On Your Forehead During One Of Your Snarky Rants! EEeeasy Big Bird. Heh ... Heh ... Heh


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