Wednesday, July 08, 2009

A letter to my Congresscritters

I am a constituent whose mother has been in the health care industry for forty years now and seen how badly the current insurance industry is serving the health of our nation, especially over the past fifteen years. She regularly encounters times when doctors have to fight the insurance companies daily to provide the healthcare that their patients need, and sometimes they fail and patients die for lack of care insurers won't pay for. Please, please do not do anything that will help the profits of these vicious leeches who are killing my fellow Americans with their greed and bureaucratic bean-counting. These murderers (and I do not use the term lightly) deserve nothing more than the corporate death penalty: A nation-wide single-payer health insurance system, modeled upon Medicare, for ALL Americans.

As your constituent, I am joining Public Citizen in calling upon Congress to pass HR 676 (The United States National Health Insurance Act). A single-payer system of national health insurance that eliminates private insurance would save nearly $400 billion now wasted annually on administrative costs, enough to pay for high-quality, comprehensive care for all. There has been a groundswell of public support for a single-payer solution in polls, town hall meetings, and rallies throughout the country. France proves that single-payer can provide top-notch care, the most advanced treatments, and the best healthcare outcomes for less than 60% of the cost of the current US system. There is no reason not to consider it as a solution to the corrupt, inefficient insurance companies that my mother and her colleagues have to fight every day to get the care their patients need.

Americans have demanded to know why Congress has failed to consider the most popular health reform proposal, one supported by a majority of the public. I demand to know this too. If you truly care about America and Americans, have the Congressional Budget Office immediately evaluate HR 676 along with any other reform proposals – the next crucial step toward including single-payer in an honest, transparent debate on health care reform. It is essential to compare the cost of single-payer with the cost of other health reform proposals being considered right now.

Please support HR 676 today by demanding CBO scoring for single-payer health care and including single-payer in all discussions about health care reform.

Thank you,
xxxxxxxxxxx (redacted)


  1. I'm with you, BT!

    Now to write my letter . . . .


    Imagine if everyone wrote a letter . . . . It'd be a movement!

  2. We all know this is the answer and there isn't a congressperson in Washington that does not know how adamant we the people are on this. I always hate to have such a negative attitude but I don't think it will be allowed to happen. If it did pass my lifestyle will change dramatically as would millions of others and I would move from here very quickly.


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