Friday, July 31, 2009

The Mighty Fang's massage

The Mighty Fang gets a cat massage. He is purring big-time during this whole process. He's just a big floppy shiny liquid-eyed doofus.

-- Badtux the Cat-owned Penguin


  1. He's such a happy kitty.

  2. Pogo saw this and, thinking it was a very good idea, jumped in my lap for one of his own.

  3. Mencken had the same idea after TMF's massage. You will enjoy watching Mencken's cat massage, Mencken really gets down and grooves with it, he would have rolled right off of my lap if I hadn't stopped him from wriggling around on his back in ecstasy. He drooled all over my jeans! What a crusty, irascible, grumpy old softy Mencken is...

    At that point where TMF perks up and looks off to the side, Mencken was doing something in the dining room and of course TMF wanted to see what Mencken was up to. I was concerned maybe I was holding him past the time he wanted to stay in my lap, so I let him go entirely. As you can see, he didn't go anywhere, and then I started rubbing him down again.

    - Badtux the Purr-lovin' Penguin

  4. Those are mighty big eyes on The Mighty Fang. What a lovely Mighty Purrball

  5. People say cats can't show affection ? A very handsome kitty too I may add . All my pets bring such joy that I can't imagine how people live without fur or feathers .
    a dog and cat owned w3ski

  6. But does he drool? & dig his claws into your leg?

  7. Claws? You betcha. When I'm picking his front paws up from time to time, it's because his kneading got to the point it was annoying me. Drooling? No, he leaves that to Mencken (just as Mencken leaves the kneading to TMF).

    - Badtux the Clawed-and-drooled-upon Penguin

  8. That cat sooo owns you...

  9. That's why I'm the cat-owned penguin rather than the other way around, Jim :).


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