Sunday, July 05, 2009

And.. I'm BAACK!

Just back from Yosemite, which was beautiful as usual but too dadburned HOT. It was 75F even at 9500 feet, WTF is with that?! And the mosquitoes. My god, the mosquitoes! I was literally REEKING of DEET, yet they still managed to find places to suck blood from me! Left big welts on me, 'cause I'm allergic.

I see that the cats have been playing. I'd fuss at The Mighty Fang, but he is currently snuggled against me purring. Mencken managed to projectile-vomit into the space between the toilet seat and the toilet cover, making a nice squishy surface to sit upon if you have to take a dump.... I didn't know a cat could even DO that (projectile-vomit, that is). He's hiding right now, sulking I think.

So anyhow I'm back, I'm recharged, and I'm ready to kick wingnut ass some more. Hooyah!

-- Badtux the Snarky Penguin


  1. The mosquitoes do seem to be a bit aggressive this year. A few weeks ago, I resorted to stop spraying myself to actually spraying them.

  2. Just hearing about the mosquitoes makes me itch. Did you get ticks, too? They seem to be pretty heavy, this year.
    Did Mencken vomit a hairball? The other day, I was laying in bed, when Grey Feather started hoarking. She dropped a long hairball, then took off to another room. Do you think they hide because they're embarrassed?


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