Monday, July 20, 2009

Can't-do America

How we ration health care in America -- if you are in the United States, health care is rationed according to your family income and insurance status. If you need, say, a knee replacement, and you have money and insurance, you immediately jump to the front of the queue. If you need a heart-lung replacement due to chemotherapy killing your lungs, well, you'll get the first one but then your insurance will be dropped and you will be sent home to die.

Yet every time anybody proposes to solve this problem of people being killed by this nation's heartless, brutal, and murderous health care system that rations by sending healthy people to the front of the line and sending sick people home to die, we're told "it can't be done." Nevermind that every other industrialized nation does it, they're can-do nations and we're can't-do America. We can't do this, we can't do that, we can't, can't, can't, can't.

Once upon a time, forty years ago today, America could send a man to the moon. After the space shuttle program winds down next year, we won't even be able to send a man into orbit. And it's all because of the America-hating "can't-do" Americans, who are destroying this nation with their constant refrain of "can't, can't, can't, can't, can't". Well, for any of you can't-do Americans who manage to find their way to this post: Fuck you. Fuck you and closed-minded stupidity and ignorance. Fuck you and your selfish brutality of "can't can't can't" that relegates thousands of Americans to death each year for the crime of merely getting sick. Fuck you up every orifice of your America-hating carcass. You and your refrain of "can't, can't, can't" and your stingy small-minded selfishness have taken this once-great nation from being able to send a man to the Moon until today when we can't even make our own UNDERWEAR, for cryin' out loud. But of course, your Party commissars on Hate Radio, Chairman Rush and his Little Green Book that tells you what to think, and so forth, says that this nation's reeking carcass that can't even make its own underwear anymore is the world's greatest nation so USA! USA! USA! Yeah right. Go eat some more fried foods from Wal-mart and get your only exercise by clicking the TV clicker and kill yourselves with your unhealthy "lifestyles", already. You're a wart, a blot, a disgrace to what America once was and perhaps some day can be again, and if you had one speck of morality in your feeble-witted "brain" you'd go out back behind your house with your favorite handgun that you stroke every day while masturbating to Glenn Beck's demented cry-fest and put a bullet through your head. But of course your piggish waddling self is never going to do anything like that, because that would require that you admit you've run this once-great nation into the ground with your sickening cry of "can't, can't, can't", and your Party commissars on Hate Radio tell you that's not true so you'll never admit it.

So it goes, in the reeking carcass of a nation that once could send a man to the moon, but today can't even make its own underwear.

-- Badtux the Rude Penguin

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  1. Sounds like someone's been contemplating the fate of Little 137 too much.

    You ever think America is now getting its karma for what it did to her country, and the land of your ancestors, Tux? The Civil War was obviously America's slavery karma, and the ongoing cancer/emphysema slow-burn-of-death is karma for killing the Native Americans (red man gave whitey the plant that kills him). But that righty hatred which still infects the USA! USA! started with the societal divisions over Nixon and the Vietnam War.

    I'm one who says America can't, though, so your fuck-you is aimed at me. I say America can't pull out of its tailspin. Obama's a nice fellow, but he's no Chesley Sullenberger. Chimpy McFlightsuit and realPilot Snarlin' Dick have hit the button on the ejector seats, and Hopey's not doing such a good job of soft-landing in the river...

    Hey -- me and the Mrs. were in San Fran during June and July on holiday. No one's paved any pf the roads we drove on in the city since we left, and they were 10 years' torn-up then. Add "Can't pour new concrete on the streets" to your can't-do list.

    America -- WTF happened to you?

  2. My 88-yr-old mother had surgery on her foor and a new hip put in last year. Private insurance? No. Huge out-of-pocket expense? No. Unreasonable waiting period? No.

    Mom's on medicare. Another 2 1/2 years, and I will be too. Right now, I have a fucking med plan with a huge out of pocket maximum that basically covers nothing until the deductible is met.

    Which one looks better to you?

    Bukku -
    I have only one word for you: aborigines.


    JzB, the aging trombonist

  3. Uh - that s/b "foot"

    As far as I know, mom doesn't have a "foor."

    JzB, the mistyping trombonist

  4. Hi Tuxxy,
    There, there. That's it, get it all out. Maybe a hug will help.


  5. I realized last week what it will take to get health care reform in this country. We need about 3 people who have lost family members to a treatable condition they couldn't affort to take their last paycheck, buy a Glock and a few clips, bo to the local malls and have target practice at random until they use the last round on themselves. Leave a note for the media; they will eat it up.The best time would be Oct-Nov so the exodus from the malls for the x-mas season will be devastating.

    A huge portion of the populace is in pleasant denial. This Snday Mitch McConnell denied that anyone isn't getting health care in America; they just have to go to Emergency Rooms or clincs.

    We have written the history of the Civil Rights Movement; it was won by MLK and peaceful protests, right? There were race riots, MalcomX, the Black Panthers, and the writers of history want to forget the fear that the country was coming unglued in a violent way.

    Screw politically cortect. It's time to show some rage.

    Doug Hughes

  6. Actually, what we need is for Rush Limbaugh's insurance to stop covering his Oxycontin. THEN we'd see some real health care reform.

  7. Rush has more millions than I have thousands. He can pay for all the oxycontin that any of us will even need, Without even going to Canada.

  8. hahahaha

    This is why I have you blogrolled.

    As Heinlein said, I laugh because otherwise I'd have to cry.


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