Sunday, July 05, 2009

I leave civilization for three days and...

Sarah Palin resigns as governor of Alaska? WTF?! Since when did a Republican resign just because of a measly little criminal investigation? Hell, Saint Ronald Reagan (bless his dark evil shriveled little heart) even *laughed* about doing illegal things to help the Contras, and suggested that Poindexter and Ollie North ought to be given medals! Now *that* is the proper Republican response to a criminal investigation... "F*ck the law", outright fist-pumpin' defiance.

This penguin is just open-beaked flabbergaped... though I suppose if you're Alaskan, you're pumping your fist in the air and shouting, "Yes! The bitch is gone!". Maybe now Alaska will quit being this weird insane area danglin' out in the wind like the balls of America, and go back to being this weird forgotten place that nobody really thinks about. Alaskans can hope, I guess.

-- Badtux the Astounded Penguin


  1. Either she cannot take the political heat or she is really looney to think she will be able to run for President now.

    I am waiting for the other shoe to drop.

  2. So many possibilities . My personal favorite is that someone has some REAL dirt on her and told her to Go . During the campain she laughed away all the accusations , she was so sure of herself . Must be something really bad to change her course so suddenly . I wonder if Newtie is involved . He is a first class backstabber and general turd . Whatever caused this I have a feeling it's like when Kennedy was shot , it's so burried we may never find out the truth . I think she never had a real chance at election and wandering the wilderness like this will really sink her hopes , but stranger stuff has happened .
    a curious w3ski


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