Friday, September 28, 2007

Well that fuggin' sucks

How long does it take the fuggin' cops to search one stupid apartment complex?!. (Sorry for crappy photo, that's all my cell phone will do in these conditions).

Yeah, that's the scene I've been staring at for the last three hours. Other folks tell me the apartment complex was blocked off at about 4:20. It is 9:50 right now (i.e. almost 6 hours later). Meanwhile, I saw a black dude with a very fancy afro walking down the street about half a mile from said apartment complex. Huh. Seems to me the dude done got away.

Oh, BTW, they lie. They say they told us to go to the elementary school? Nobody told us jack fucking shit. We all just stood around and watched the cops, then used our Internet-enabled cell phones (which is what this is coming via) to find out what the fuck was going on. Those of us with spouses in the complex called to see whether they'd been told to stay indoors, and... uhm, no. The only reason they know to stay indoors is because it was on the news, and a couple of folks have had cops draw down on them when they didn't know and they walked out their front door into the middle of this shit.

Oh, the funniest part -- the Santa Clara PD has their police helicopter out. Do you know how fuggin' much that goddamn thing costs per hour to keep in the air? Do you know how fuggin' *USELESS* that goddamn thing is at night? About the only use it could possibly be would be if the guys on the ground needed something spotlighted from the air, because otherwise you aren't seeing jack shit in the dark. But hey, their pilot gets to play fly boy and use this expensive piece of equipment that otherwise just sits in a hangar at the airport sucking up money (it's not as if Santa fuckin' Clara is the goddamn crime capital of the world, after all!), so I guess that's all right...

Sigh. Elementary school, or office. Fuggit, if I'm going to sleep somewhere besides my own bed, I'm going to the office. At least I have high speed internet there, unlike this cell phone shit. And the couch in the engineering conference room is soft, soft, soft...

-- Badtux the "Singin' Alice's Restaurant" Penguin

Aftermath: It's 10:40 and the cops are gone now and I'm safely esconced upon my iceberg. They didn't get the dude. Duh.

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