Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Holy crap, these gals are TOUGH

A big flap of her scalp got knocked off by an opposing player. So what did World Cup Soccer player Abby Wambach do? Well, the obvious, of course. She ran to the locker room, got her scalp stitched back together, and ran back into the game.

Anybody who calls soccer a "wuss sport" better not do so in the presence of Abby Wambach.

-- Badtux the Admiring Penguin


  1. What's to admire?
    That shit is just stupid.
    It's how we followed a failed Yalie cheerleader into a misbegotten war that has only killed, maimed, destroyed, robbed and subverted decency into: fuck you.
    aka disgusted

  2. Pursuit of a worthwhile goal with grit and integrity is always to be admired. Using other people to pump up your ego so you can be a "war president" because you're a short little smirking cheerleader uncertain of your own manliness is never to be admired. Please do not conflate the two, because they are quite different.

    - Badtux the not-smirking Penguin

  3. It worked to China's benefit, coming out with a 2-2 draw, the two goals being allowed while she was off the field.

    Soccer, men's or women's, is no wuss sport. Most U.S. "sports" entertainers don't have the endurance it takes to play soccer, a real sport, and not a corporate produced American distraction.

    WTF! Why would someone compare
    this great player with our phony president? Oh! they must be a China /snicker/ fan.

  4. Actually, it was North Korea. North Korea's team played the game of their life to stop the U.S. team before Wambach was out then get a 2-1 lead while Wambach was getting her scalp stitched back on, and one of the goals was on a flub by the goalie. Then after she came back in Wambach scored the goal to re-tie the game. So it was a wash. If the goalie hadn't flubbed that one stop, Wambach's goal after she re-entered the game would have won the thing. But that's how it goes sometimes.

    And for someone to equivocate ordering others to kill with determination to kick a ball through a goal is... bizarre. The first takes no grit or integrity or toughness and the goal is reprehensible. The second is not reprehensible and requires much grit and integrity and toughness to do well. While kicking a ball through a goal is not exactly world peace, it is quite enjoyable for the guys and gals who are doing it, and others enjoy watching them enjoy themselves (let's face it, soccer otherwise is not much of a spectator sport). While enjoyment may not solve global warming, I suggest some people need to read my tagline at the top of my blog again.

    - Badtux the Soccer Penguin

  5. Its not a wussy sport, its a boring sport to watch. Get it right!

    (just kidding, kinda)

  6. EEEPPPPP! I apologize for the error on the country playing. My damn ignorant American side is showing (I was thinking of the hosting country when I wrote that)

    E.S. I've never been bored playing or watching soccer, but I'm defective. I'm incredibly bored watching American football, which is more like micro-managed office politics than an entertaining distraction.


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